The Best Book Boyfriends of All Time

We all do it. Fall in love, swoon over the boy or girl in our latest read. Here is a list, probably very long one of all the guys I have fallen completely in love with. From sassy attitudes, heroes, enemies, to the classics everyone loves here you will find them all.

Feel free to comment, discuss and argue! 

Edward Cullen


My first love will never be forgotten. A bit moody, possessive and every bit sparkly. A brooding vampire portrayed by Robert Pattinson is all I need.

Jace Herondale


A fighter, a shadow hunter, a lover, and incredibly sexy is the perfect combination for this beautiful specimen.

Dean Holder


He has dimples, not out of this world pretty but just perfect. He also has a very incredibly sexy tattoo and is such a passionate soul.

Christian Grey


I feel this man is possibly in every girls book boyfriend list. I don't know if it is because of his secrets or his billionare status but he is definitely swoon worthy.

Peeta Mellark


My baby. Sweet Peeta is a must in this list. Not only Josh Hutcherson in the movie plays him so well, but his character in the books is beyond words.

Tobias Eaton (Four)


My love for this man is so big my dog's name is Tobias. Not only is he almost fearless but also incredibly hot as in steaming hot!

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