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Book Review: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

This has to be my favorite Emily Henry romance. I feel everyone has their favorite, whether it is Beach Read or People We Meet On Vacation, you either feel for them, hate them or they become your favorite couple. For Book Lovers I was definitely on the latter option and fell hard for this small town romance.

Our main characters were easy to love, even when they claimed not to be. Nora is an ambitious literary agent who truly believe she is the epitome of evil and will never find love in her life. All of her ex boyfriends leave her for "the one" and she can't help but wonder if maybe because she is so successful and loves her job so much, that it will be the only affair she is set to have. Charlie Lastra is a great editor who also happens to be one of Nora's rivals, as they had a bad meeting once upon a time. However, as Nora embarks in a trip with her sister (the second trip she has ever taken in her life) she bumps into Charlie and they discover they have many things in common.

Now, the story is said to be enemies to lovers and if you really love the trope then be warned that I personally didn't find it a true enemies to lovers romance. Sure they had their one bad meeting, but once they meet again it is like a flame ignites between them.

I loved how fate kept pushing them into each other and how their chemistry was off the charts. I enjoyed the family drama and how it played such a huge role into Nora's character. Due to her being her sister's guardian she eventually forgets to live and let go and do things for herself. In addition, I loved how she wasn't weak for wanting to love and be loved but it only made her stronger when she realized this notion.

My favorite thing in the whole world (apart from Charlie Lastra) was the town and the feel of the town and the people in it. I would have stayed in that quiet town and lived happily ever after. However, I am glad that isn't what Charlie and Nora end up doing but the cards just fall perfectly because they both were able to learn from each other.

“Maybe love shouldn’t be built on a foundation of compromises, but maybe it can’t exist without them either. Not the kind that forces two people into shapes they don’t fit in, but the kind that loosens their grips, always leaves room to grow. Compromises that say, there will be a you-shaped space in my heart, and if your shape changes, I will adapt. No matter where we go, our love will stretch out to hold us, and that makes me feel like … like everything will be okay.”

Overall rating: 5 stars

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