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Book Review: Flight 171 by Amy Christine Parker

A perfect read if you like YA horror and slasher films. The story is all set in an airplane, so definitely don't read it before flying or traveling. Devon has recently lost her twin sister in a hit and run. However, there is a secret she has been harboring ever since that night. Devon was the rogue child while her sister Emily was the favorite and popular of the two. Following her death, Devon tries to change and become more like her sister. However, after she embarks in a trip to Denver with all her classmates the flight turns a bit supernatural and twisty.

The overall supernatural aspect of the story I didn't love because in ways it felt a little unrealistic. The whole scary story is that there is an old lady in the plan who is actually a demon looking for another host body and she tells the classmates that in order for them to survive they have to select a body for her to possess. This bit felt a little like Lord of the Flies where the kids really turn on each other and you can really see how being in an awful situation makes people tone into their evil nature.

The main reason I didn't adore the story is because I didn't love Devon as a main character. I did like the plot a lot and it read as a fast and spooky thriller. It reminded me a lot of the horror movies I love to watch that sometimes are a little terrible yet still very entertaining.

I knew who had killed Emily since the beginning, it seemed obvious to me. However, I do think that it was developed in a way that made sense and was thrilling to observe. Something that I did enjoy was the aspect of Emily coming back in spirit form to help her sister discover the truth and finally forgive herself.

The ending was also a favorite part of mine because it really reminded me of a horror film. When it ends and you really believe that the spirit is gone yet in those final scenes you realize that the evil presence is still roaming around and it leaves you with a scene of impending doom. The way the author plays this out was interesting and fun, specially with what we learn towards the end of the first possession of the demon and what ended up happening to everyone else on the trip.

* I received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Overall rating: 3 stars

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