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Book Review: Forget Me Not by Karissa Kinword

"I've met you a thousand times then, Book Girl, in a thousand stories"

This has to be one of the most interesting and unique books I've read. The attraction and the idea of two soul mates finding each other is really what drives the book to be such a success in conveying feelings to the reader. The book is advertised as a sci-fi and it was cool to see such a romance heavy book set in a fictional and very cool space world. With that being said, do be warned that the book relies more on the romance than any world building or plot. This is something that made the story lack for me a little, as I would've liked to receive more information and exploration of the characters, their world and their feelings rather than the emotional and sexual connection between Eliza and Silas.

The characters and the dialogue between them is very well-written. Specially Silas. I felt Silas in way I didn't feel Eliza, I could feel his emotions and his thoughts so clearly. While with Eliza I felt it was more us being told than rather seeing it through the beautiful words the author wrote.

Eliza and Silas are soul mates or that is what they believe as they have been dreaming of each other for years but have never seen or met each other. Eliza has a partner called Logan, and she embarks in a journey with him where she ends up meeting Silas for the first time in her life. They both recognize each other from their dreams and start an emotional relationship, however the fact that Eliza already has a partner makes things a little more turbulent.

The story is very vivid and it is narrated beautifully. Some things I wish I would've seen more off is Eliza and Silas' relationship. Apart from sex, I really didn't get to root for them as much as I thought I would.

Now the best part of the book is the ending, because you finally understand why our narrator is first person omnipresent. Trust me, you will be shocked and the confusion you feel at the beginning from not understanding the POV will totally make sense in the end.

Overall rating: 3.5 stars

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