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Book Review: Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman

A fast paced romance set in the middle of Hollywood style drama. Our heroine is a reporter who has been dying to get her hands on a good story in order to make it into the more serious companies. When Gabe Parker's agents decide that he needs an article that convinces the world that he is the new "Bond," Chani is selected for the task. However what Chani didn't expect is to have an interview that lasts for the whole weekend and a lot of complicated feelings.

The story is told in the then vs now storyline. We get to see the characters in the past and their instant chemistry. However, we are aware that after that whirlwind week they never see each other again. As the book progresses you start uncovering the reasons for their falling out and all the pain that they caused each other. Years later they meet again for a new article, however this time Chani is aware of what she is getting herself into (or is she?)

Overall there were a lot of things I enjoyed of the story. The main one being the characters. Gabe is a spectacular human being and I found his chapter and whenever he appeared to be joyful moments. Chani is somewhat more reserved and quirky and I loved that about her. I read a lot of reviews that state how Chani's pieces, as some articles are imbedded within the different POV's, were terrible and I do agree that she didn't seem to me much of a reporter. However, for the sake of the romance she was wonderful. The secondary characters, and I really just mean Oliver Matthias, were incredible and I felt like they added unique elements to the story. I also enjoyed the longing and chemistry between the two main characters, it felt real and poignant.

The only thing I didn't love is that nothing really happened, specially towards the end. There is a really big build up of drama (ten years of it to be exact) only for it to dissipate in a few talks and explanations of what really went down. For example one of Chani's repeated inner dialogue is the mention of "the call." I waited for the call to be addressed and felt like it was going to be something mayor when all it was, was a misscommunication. The whole book felt like a whole big miscommunication, and there was no real drama to begin with. Maybe if they would have talked like adults, ten years wouldn't have passed by.

Overall rating: 4 stars

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