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Book Review: Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

"I know you don’t, but you’re worth defending. Every cut, bruise, every single pang of anger or frustration. It’s all worth it. I’d throw my last punch defending you because you deserve to have someone be that person for you, and there’s no one more qualified for the job than me."

My best friend has been trying to turn me into a hockey girl for the longest time. I was never against the idea, but I knew as soon as I started reading hockey romances I would never stop. So I stalled for a bit, but then I couldn't stall it any longer and I can say I am officially a hockey girl. Where are my season tickets?

Icebreaker was the first 5 stars book for this year, and it deserves to be. The story is gripping and sweet. It made me want to go back to college, it made me rethink my life decisions of why I never took ice skating even though I lived in a hot and dry city where ice skating was probably a figment of everyone's imagination. This book made me feel.

Hannah Grace wrote a spectacular cast of characters that you inevitably fall in love with. From our FMC, Anastasia, who is a bad ass ice skater to Nate Hawkins, who is the most communicative and sexy book boyfriend. Additionally the secondary characters like Henry, Lola and all the others really make the story come alive.

Anastasia is getting ready to ice skate for Team USA, that is if her and her somewhat toxic best friend, roommate and partner Aaron qualify. In order to qualify they need to practice intensely, this gets hindered when the hockey team's rink gets destroyed and they have to share the same space for a few months. Nate Hawkins is the captain of the hockey team and takes it into his hands to make this process a smooth one. Starting with trying to befriend the fiery ice skater who pouts whenever he sees her. Their friendship soon starts turning into something more, however Anastasia has commitment issues and lots of issues she needs to resolve. Their walls start coming undone and their partnership and relationship becomes a dream.

“He’s in a Maple Hills Titans T-shirt and gray sweats, and I hate myself for being a woman swayed by a man in gray sweatpants. Shit. No, there will be no swaying.”

Seriously, I want to go back to college and find myself a Nate Hawkins. I could just go on and on about his character. He was supportive and the way they dealt with the issue that flew at them was so mature. There was no dramatic third act breakup, just them dealing with communication issues that they solve TALKING. He puts Anastasia first, without hindering his dreams. He is protective, but not toxic. I really fell in love with the way he was written because he wasn't too perfect but he was humanly perfect and that just created such a relatable characters. The same thing goes with Anastasia and the way she would overthink and need therapy as a healing and coping mechanism.

“Don’t give me that shit. I’ve seen what you have on your smutty bookshelf.”

Add the sub character to the mix and you have an incredible sweet, fun, hilarious, and steamy one of a kind romance.

Overall rating: 5 stars

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