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Book Review: Miles and Miles of You by Jennifer Bonds

This book is a great fun adventure. Our main characters Lucy and Miles, are really interesting and unique. I love how Lucy was Hispanic and many of her slang and Spanish words were added to really bring out her character. It was cool to see the representation there without it being overly touched upon. Miles was a literal Heartthrob and I loved seeing him really become the man he wanted to become.

Lucy and Miles have known each other for a while. However, Lucy being Miles' assistant has been harboring a really big crush on him for ages. But Miles really doesn't notice her. That is until Lucy decides to quit to follow a travel influencer career. Miles' life starts to crumble around him as he is useless without her help so he sets out to join in her crazy adventure betting that he would make her come to her senses after two weeks on the road. However, what they both didn't expect is for their relationship to grow into attraction and love.

Although the adventure is really fun, the only downsides I had where mostly of how Lucy was head over heels in love with Miles since the beginning. I hated that she was so overlooked at the beginning and although Miles made up for it at the end, I hated this difference between the characters. I feel like I would have enjoyed more scenes of them before Lucy quits. The story starts right as she is quitting and I felt like I was reading a story that had already started, so having a little more pages and chapter where we got to see Miles' coldness and Lucy working through her crush would have been nice. Additionally more scenes of them being awkwardly interested in each other would have been fun. I feel like the book could be a little longer and had more depth to it.

Overall rating: 3.5 stars

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