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Book Review: Prince of Hate by Jagger Cole

"Because only a Queen could take my King."

Prince of Hate is the perfect book if you are interested in reading a fast, very steamy and action filled book. The book follows Oliver Prince and Rose. It was a Beauty in the Beast retelling in a mafia world, which was a very unique take. Oliver Prince was once a golden boy, however after his son Jacob dies and is discovered to be a murder he succumbs to his demons. He also suffers from a terminal illness that makes him rage and turn into a "beast." This part of the story felt like a true Beauty and the Beast retelling and it toyed with the line of fantasy.

Rose is literally Belle. She is young, innocent, naive and falling in love with her captor. I did like how the author never made you feel as if Rose didn't have a choice in the things she did with Oliver. She was always very sure of what she wanted, and that although her choices seemed wrong, it was her choice in the end.

We follow the same story of Beauty and the Beast where Rose's father is trapped and she trades places with him. That is how Rose ends up befriending Oliver and slowly they realize what they feel for each other is more than lust. The story has great characters, and I really enjoyed seeing the relationships between Oliver and Lucille (his housekeeper, and the closest thing he has to a mother.)

Another thing I really enjoyed about the book was the whole subplot with Jacob. I felt like this was such a unique and dark element of the book. I did want this to be explored a bit more. I feel as we spent a lot of time within the characters minds and in their sex craced scenes, rather than focusing on the great plot the author built. However, if you're looking for a book with really steamy scenes, this is definitely up there.

I also enjoyed the action. I felt like it did well in balancing and adding elements into the storyline, although I did want to spend more time in the plot than in the bed.

Overall rating: 3 stars

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