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Book Review: The Image of You by Melanie Moreland

The Image of You is a very unique romance story that includes some of my favorite tropes that I usually never read. Some of these include amnesia or memory loss, the different lifestyles (where one is usually rich or from an established family name and the other person is usually poor or not considered an influential person). There is also the soulmate and insta love trope which is what eventually caused the book to loose a few stars for me, just because I don't like those tropes and think they weren't executed. However, the book was a fast and enjoyable read. One of the more unique things that book has is that we are mostly in the POV of Adam. I am so used to being in the woman's mind, that it was kind of cool to see him falling in love and discovering how to have a relationship with this woman he feels is the love of his life.

Adam is a photographer unlike many others. He lives for the thrill and takes incredible photos of very heartbreaking events including natural disasters. One of these photo sessions lands him in the hospital where he meets Ally and they soon discovered they are meant to be. However, Ally lost her stepbrother at a young age and his death was blamed on her by her stepfather who is very evil and her real mother who is just a piece of work. I didn't enjoy Ally as much as Adam did and the reason why I feel like I didn't is because I felt as the story was very much telling me how to feel for them rather than me being shown how their love was real.

The fast paced story ends where the story begins when Adam comes back to find Ally again, only to discover that she lost her memory in an accident that separated Adam from her life. Her meddling parents tried to eliminate him from her life, only to discover that love is the most resilient thing in the world.

There are many factors that I really enjoyed and overall the plot was really incredible and unique. However the writing could have used a little development to really showcase what these feelings were stemming from and not just it be a case of insta passion and insta love.

Overall rating: 2.5 stars

* thank you to Valentine PR for a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review*

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