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Book Review: These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan

"Abriella, every star in the sky shines for you"

This reminded me A LOT of ACOTAR. At times it was a little disappointing on how much it was reminding me of the famous series because I couldn't get ACOTAR out of my mind. However, if you're into love triangles and the fae and not super confusing worlds, this would be the book to read.

The Hollow Vows follows Abriella who is a girl that completely hates the Fae, since her mother left her and sister for one she was in love with. In order to support her family Abriella steals from the rich of her town. However, one day her evil aunt decides that her debt is too much and sells her sister to the dark Shadow King. She goes to the fairy land to find her sister, however she soon learns that she is more than human and her mother didn't really leave her for no reason. Additionally in order to get her sister back she has to make a deal with a horrible King. She finds out that the love of her life has been lying to her and she starts having dark feelings for a prince she should not like.

The story is incredible, it was fun to read and fast paced. The first beginning chapters were a little weird, I think the dialogue between Sebastian and Brie is a little off so obviously at the beginning we get a lot of that and not a lot of Finn. I think Finn, as a character, is better developed and I am rooting for him. I always questioned Sebastian and felt he really wasn't as honest and truthful as he seemed to be. He was too good to be true and while many people saw him as a cute marshmallow, I saw him as a liar and possible a fake.

Now what I really REALLY enjoyed, is that everyone betrays each other. During ACOTAR you kind of realize that Rhysand is the good guy and Tamlin is not. However, with the politics and emotions in this book you kind of understand that everyone is doing what they think is best and thus hurt each other and do awful things for the greater good. That I found really exciting and it allowed for the ending to be set up in a way where you have some inclinations of where the story might go, but not the exact truth.

Overall rating: 4 stars

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