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Book Review: Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

Dear Lucy, you have my attention. I have seen Things We Never Got Over ALL over bookstagram, so I went to the bookstore and it immediately caught my eye as I have been wanting to read it for a while. This book is HUGE and I loved every single part of it. It made me teary and it made me happy and sad and mad. It made me feel all the emotions and that's what makes it a 5 star book for me.

The plot is 10/10. Our runaway bride Naomi, has found herself in her sister's hometown after escaping on her fiancé and leaving him at the altar. Her twin sister Tina, who is the opposite of good girl Tina has left her with her 11 year old daughter and steals from her as well. Without a car and with out wanting to leave Waylay behind she embarks in a journey of self discovery. However, what she didn't expect to find was love. Enter Knox Morgan, our sexy small town romance lottery winner who says he doesn't care yet shows Naomi what she deserves in a man. After, her failed almost marriage she is excited to be single and Knox isn't what she planned. The chemistry between them is great since the beginning but when IT finally happens and they start a fake relationship of sorts it gets so much better.

The reason that I loved the story so much is because of all the layers it has. Yes, it is steamy and that adds incredible appeal to the story but the main plot and the sub plots really create a successful storyline. We have the relationships between Knox and Waylay and Naomi and Waylay that really grabbed at my heart.

when Knox broke things off with Naomi and Waylay was mad at him. The whole conversation they had BROKE ME.

This is another book where I understand the reasons behind the third act break up. It made sense and I feel like it was created in such a way that you really feel for both of the characters and you understand them. Knox had a lot to forgive and move on from and with that baggage he was not going to be able to care for Naomi as much as he wanted to.

The mystery or thrilling subplot with Tina and her disaster of a life was also really intriguing and it kept me going. There was always this imminent fear that she was coming back and all I wanted was for this new little family to be okay. Another thing I LOVED was the inclusion of the grandparents and extended family / friends of each of the main characters. Their storylines where also very rich and I really wanted to read more about Lucian and Sloane (what was going on there ??!! it was driving me crazy in a good way).

Overall rating: 5 stars

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