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Heartless by Elsie Silver

"Like he can read my mind, he leans over my back and grits out, “You want it all, Willa? The house? The babies? The ranch?” I nod again because it’s all I can do. I want all that. With him. “You want me, Willa?” “Yes.” I cry out against the soft fabric, nodding frantically as he slams into me. I want him so badly it hurts. “Good. Because I’m sick of holding back with you. You’re not going anywhere. You belong here, with me.”

Elsie Silver, this review is for you and only for you. WHAT A DAMN BOOK. I love cowboy romances and I loved Flawless, but I had no idea that the second book on the Chestnut Springs series was going to drive me this crazy. Read if you like single hot dad, cowboys and steamy scenes in the hot tub. Also love if you like men that are dreamy and incredible human beings. The book is hilarious, seeing Summer and all the Eaton's as so fun and being able to fall in love with Luke and his dad was just too much for me.

The story begins when Willa drops her purse, panties included, and Cade picks them up. The first chapter of the book is solid GOLD. Willa is Summer's best friend, who is currently selecting a nanny for Cade's son, Luke. Who is also pure GOLD. Basically Summer tells Willa to do the gig because she has the whole summer off and she agrees but Cade is a grumpy, lonely dad who wasn't expecting the red head to turn his life around.

I love romance stories and yet this is one of the only times that I related and connected with a character in such a deep level. I felt like Willa was describing some of my feelings and emotions towards being stuck and wanting to do more. Her maturity and her desire to be in Luke's life made it for such a rewarding read. I think that Luke, his personality and just what he means to Cade, really made this book incredibly special for me.

We also need to talk about the steam because it was 10/10. The scenes were romantic, yet demanding. Cade was everything I expected and more. I thought I loved the first book, but this one I loved on such a deeper and rawer level. I loved seeing Summer again and seeing how her relationship has developed. I loved seeing all the Eatons again. These cowboy romances are slowly becoming some of my favorites reads of the year.

“It’s two people who were both a little lost until they ended up on the same path and walked together for a while.”

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