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Review: Elastic Hearts by Claire Contreras

"Not cautious,” he said, snuggling into my neck. “I feel free when I’m with you.

Name: Elastic Hearts

Author: Claire Contreras

Series: Book 3 of the Hearts Series (can be read as a Standalone)

Genre: Romance, Adult, Family

Claire Contreras is one of my favorite romance authors and the Hearts series was the books that introduced me to her so they will always have a special place in my heart. After being entranced and so in love with the characters in the first two stories, I didn’t know what to expect from this one. Maybe I had too many expectations for it and maybe when I read the first two I was still new to the whole romance genre, but whatever it was this book didn’t surprise me like the others. 

Don’t get me wrong, the story and the characters are still perfect. My point of aversion, I believe, was the plot of the book and the idea behind it. I am not a fan of anything fame or Hollywood related (found this recently, as every book I read about actors and paparazzis and fame, are really not my cup of tea). Unlike the other two whose actual plot line made me excited, this background was not one I enjoyed. Hence it wasn’t Claire or her writing, which is still as amazing as the first I read it, but it was just me and my likes and dislikes. So don’t let this discourage you! The story is still brilliant and if you loved the first two books like I did you’ll enjoy seeing our favorites (specially Oliver) back on the pages. 

Elastic Hearts follows the story of Victor Rueben, a sexy sought out for divorce lawyer and Nicole Alessi, the daughter of his boss and his next client. However, none of them knew this when they had sex all those years ago, after ending it with her because of his growing career she is back with a divorce in her hands and the chemistry is still the same. However, if they act on the feelings they’re having for each other his career and her reputation might be tarnished heavily. 

I really enjoyed the family relation in this book, I know it sounds like such a random thing to enjoy in a book but I was so tired of reading about toxic parents and I was so glad that this book showcased good and strong family bonds. The story is funny and witty and it made me laugh. Like most of Claire’s books, I recommend them in a heartbeat. 

— 3 stars — 


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