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Book Review: Long Way Home by Melissa Grace

If you love romantic comedies and insta love with swoon worthy band member this book is for you. I don't usually tend to love insta love, but the connection between the characters was so real and raw that I fell in love with them both and their rawness. Jo is an incredible reported who has been trying to make it in the big leagues in order to follow in her father's footsteps. Derek is part of Nashville's hottest bands yet he feels very disconnected from the music as he started the band as a way to escape his abusive father and now finds himself at an impasse with his life and his goals. As Jo's life unscrambles due to her boyfriend breaking up with her, her being fired and her apartment going up in flames quite literally she decides she needs to start over and she books a flight to her home town in Nashville. There the confused pair meet in a bar at Halloween and start a very insta love yet exciting romance.

There were many things I liked about both characters and the way the story developed. It is a very fast read, and it is a bit addicting. You really want to know about these characters and how they will overcome the fears and issues they face. Derek and Jo rely on each other in such a healthy way and you can see that from the very start of the book.

I also really enjoyed how the story involved the other characters, I do think I would have liked to read the first books first because although the story can be read of as a standalone, there are a lot of inside jokes between the members of the band and their significant others that I would have probably enjoyed more. However, the book is still pretty solid and has a lot of important themes going around. My favorite one was the theme of forgiveness and how Derek had to forgive his father for himself, that part really is what allowed me to fall in love with him.

Some aspects I didn't like was that it was a simple and somewhat cliche love story. There wasn't anything really surprising for me plot wise. Yet, character wise it made up for the lack of excitement. I also felt like the break up was a little childish but it was done to create tension so I understand the choices. Overall it was great to read and you can feel for the characters and really see their growth as the start living for themselves and not for others.

* I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review*

Overall rating: 3 stars

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