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Review: Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

“Well, if you don’t belong to a place, perhaps we belong to each other? We who belong nowhere?”

We are getting our villain love story!!! That is the most important thing I learned after reading Realm Breaker, and honestly the most interesting thing the book has to offer. I became a fan of Aveyard after the Red Queen series. I feel I had very high hopes that it would be something similar to Red Queen, yet it isn't. However, this doesn't really make it any less of a book, it is just VERY different.

Imagine Guardians of the Galaxy mixed in with Lord of the Rings, that's is what you get with Realm Breaker. The story is told in many different POV's (including the one of our villain, which in my opinion are the best chapters and can't wait for book 2) and it allows for the story to really come alive within the lives of all these characters. The main plot of the story is that the end of the world is coming and a very distinct groups of thieves, royal members and pirates must join together to try and stop this dreadful end.

I can go and on about the villain romance brewing because I am so interested in these two characters and I feel the whole story receives a new level of GREATNESS because of the way we get to see into their heads and in a way they communicate with each other. The first book is very world and character driven. At times I did feel it went a little too slow because I was excited for the romance and the action that never came. However, it does lead up to a great sequel and allows for a great world development to occur which allows for the story to become really real and alive.

Overall rating: 4 stars

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