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Welcome to Books We Love


I love reading. For me, it is more than a hobby it has become a passion. This webpage is me trying to merge two things that I adore: writing and reading. Also, I will be studying Journalism in college and believed this was a really good way to start advertising my writing style. The point of my blog is to simply rant about my new books and favorite movies and characters. Discuss with (hopefully) some of my subscribers about which should be the best book of the year or which actor should've actually played Christian Grey in the movie adaptation. Please don't be rude and if you have any suggestions I will be happy to listen or read actually. This is one of the things I love doing and I hope than as I read more books and try out different ways of writing a good review I will become a better writer. Hopefully a better journalist someday.

Books We Love is bound to be fun and a place where readers and writers can come together and read about the latest book they are reading or the book they want to read. I will try and make it as fun and readable as possible. My goal is to have a few loyal subscribers that actually enjoy the way I write. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes and/or typos.

Welcome to Books We Love, hope you stay!