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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld


Uglies is the dystopian story about a city where everyone, at the age of 16, is turned "pretty." Before that everyone is induced to believe they are ugly and that the people around them are ugly. Tally Youngblood is the normal almost 16 year old, who is excitedly waiting for the day she gets her operation and become pretty. That is until she meets Shay. Shay is the rebel, the girl who does not believe in the operation and believes that people are actually doing the wrong thing in turning pretty. She knows a place she can run to called the Smoke, a secret place for people like Shay that do not like the regime. Tally does not want to go and therefore Shay gives her directions if she ever decides to change her mind.

"Perhaps the logical conclusion of everyone looking the same is everyone thinking the same."

The problem arises the day of the operation where Tally is taken to the secretive and unknown society of the Special Circumstances. Her operation cannot go through until she finds Shay and discovers where the Smoke is located. Tally starts a dangerous and mind blowing adventure to find her friend and later betray her. She gets there and find out about what it truly means to be pretty, when she sees the real world and likes it why would she want to betray them?

First off the plot of the story is a bit cliche. She goes to help the government but later falls in love and since her love is so real she doesn't want to betray the Smoke anymore. But, she burns the alarm that was supposed to be ringed when she got there and the Special Circumstances arrive because the necklace had a trigger. They are trapped, she is a traitor. Although, people don't realize she is a traitor until the very end when she tries to save everyone and undergo something horrible.

The characters: To say the truth there is not a whole lot of development from the characters. I never really liked any of them. Shay and Tally's roles get reversed at the ending of the book. David is really nice and everything but the relationship that Tally and him form is really not long enough for me to love it. I think the author spent too much time narrating Tally's near death adventure that he missed out in forming relationships between the characters.

"What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful."

I thought some of the futuristic terms were a little too hard to picture and even though the theme of the story is really interesting, I didn't find myself wishing to know more about the people in this book. I was definitely let down, I was expecting much much more. I actually found myself skipping not important pages and trying to finish the story to read some other.

--2 stars--