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The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams


“If I was going to kill the Prophet,” I say, not even keeping my voice low, “I’d do it in Africa.”

I had a really hard time trying to put my thoughts into words about this book. I read the reviews and the sinopsis and believed that I was not going to like it. For this reason, I started reading the book with the programed idea that the story was boring. After a few pages, that idea totally left my mind and I find myself submerged into a totally different world.

The Chosen One is a powerful story about a 13 year old girl who lives in Utah. In her town, her family and many others are called The Chosen Ones and they belong to a group of polygamists and religious fanatics that make young girls marry the "Apostles" which is really key for old and prestigious men, that have many more wives. The women are made for the men and they cannot chose who they marry, basically they do not get to chose anything in their lives. Kyra has grown all her life in this type of family and she appears to be happy with ther Father and her 3 mothers and lots of siblings. On the other hand, she is completly against the society she is in. She rebels in many ways; seeing the boy called Joshua whom she says to adore and going to get books at a Mobile Library.

“I’d never seen so many books. Never. The sight made my eyes water. I mean, tear right up.”

The story takes a turn when "The Prophet" tells Kyra's family that she has to marry her 60 year old uncle because God told him in a dream. Kyra wants to escape, her life is coming to an end. She has heard rumours about leaving, but the people that leave never come back. Does she have the courage to leave her family behind and leave with someone she barely knows? Or stay and become one of the wives of his disgusting uncle.

This story is an eye opener, a bit dramatic at times, but the point of these types of societies is made. I praise the author for writing such a beautiful and deep story. It really opened my eyes to discover what these religious groups are actually preaching and telling the girls to do. The story is not at all a fantasy and even though I couldn't connect with it fully, I do understand the gravity and the horrors that some girls have to pass through in this world. This story is 100% recommended, it is such a fast and yet so captivating story that is really worth understanding and reading.