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99 Days by Katie Cotugno


Cheating stories for me are very hard because I simply do not agree with it. This story is almost all about mistakes and cheating and breaking people's hearts which I do not like. I have read tons of "brother vs brother" stories and I usually hate them. I did not hate this one I actually liked it. Molly Barlow is your ordinary girl who made the huge mistake of having sex with her boyfriend's (they had broken up for like a night) brother.


“He was my best friend. He was my first love. I had sex with his big brother. I broke his fucking heart.”

After her mother (hated this!) creates a novel about what she did, she goes of to some other school and comes back for the summer. The story is written in the time period of 99 days until she goes of to college. When she's in town she realizes that she is still hated by Patrick (the boyfriend) and his sister Julia. Gabe, however still seems to like her and they spend time together.

She repeats the same mistakes again and Bam! becomes Gabe's girlfriend. She is happy, but sometimes she still thinks about Patrick (who has a girlfriend). Then one day Patrick kisses her, this means that she is now cheating on Gabe and that Patrick is cheating on his girlfriend whom is really nice and friends with Molly. Molly is once again discovered and the whole town shuns her again. Except that she stands up for herself and realizes that even though she acted like a whore she is not the only one to blame. I really liked this because in all the books I have read its always the girls fault and nothing happens to the guys which is actually how things go in real life.


Molly does not choose one at the end, although we do notice that she appears to be more on Gabe's side, and stops being the trophy of the family. She realizes that the boys were basically treating her as a prize all along and that they were simply trying to see who ended up with Molly. (assholes!). I did not like Molly as a character, as I said before cheating is simply a no no for me but I did enjoy the story and how she actually matured and learned a little bit more than the girls in other stories like this one have learned.

People will either really like the book or hate it. I can say I didnot either love it or hate it because it is one of the best book I have read about this subject.

--2.5 stars--