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Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington


Liv, Forever is the mysterious tale of Olivia Bloom and her arrival to the prestigious Wickham Hall. She does not have the same amount of money like the other students and soon realizes she is the enemy of most. Through her horrible first days she meets Malcolm Astor. He is the most popular and most lusted for guy in the whole school who magically was interested in Liv.

Liv gets tragically murdered one night after hanging out with Malcolm. The mystery starts because she remains, as a ghost, in the school. The lies the most popular kids tell make her believe that something more cynnical is happening.

She reaches out to her friend Gabe, who is able to see the ghosts in Wickham Hall. Liv is not the only one who was murdered in the school and with the help of Malcom and Gabe she tries to uncover the lies that the school is built on top of.

"I will hold u again, I wrote on the glass. He smiled sadly, knowing that will never happen. He would never hold me- the real me, the physical me, the complete me- in his arms. He'd never hear me speak."

The weird oaths and the way the elite are not only popular but also belong to clans that seem to be murdering young girls so the school can continue to be as perfect as it was when it started. The story is not scary, it is simply filled with mysterious events that leave you interested to find more about the school and the characters inside it.

Malcolm, is cute and in love with Olivia and cannot let her go even though she is dead. Malcom still helps her and communicates with her through Gabe. Liv knows the relationship will not continue forever but Malcolm's character is splendid.

The different stories of the ghosts girls in the school were really scary and made me want to read everything. I was really interested in the book and found that it was funny, cute, and the mystery/ action part of it is also very well written.

“I think I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.”

“It must’ve been a pretty boring life.”

“It was. Then I met you.”

The integreation of art to the story, I also found to make the story different and really interesting. I really loved the story. I found myself wanting to know more about Liv and the school.

--4 stars--