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The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder


"Perfect should never be a goal. Perfect just happens if you let it."

The Museum of Intangible Things is a moving story about two best friends that deal with the problems of the world and their own inner problems. Hannah and Zoe have been best friends forever, they do not have a lot of money and they suffer because of it. Zoe suffers from bipolar disorder and Hannah's depressive mother and alcoholic father do not let her thrive as the person she wants to be.

As Zoe's episodes get worse they go on a road trip through America with Hannah trying to get Zoe back to her senses. To sum everything up, they go on a very descriptive road trip Zoe is getting crazier and talking to aliens. Hannah does nothing really just watch her. Then Zoe and Hannah get separated. The hero of the story Danny, comes in to save Hannah. (They started their relationship days before the trip and Danny had a girlfriend but apparently he always had a thing for Hannah). At the end <spoiler> Zoe jumps of the Grand Canyon because she wants to be with the aliens.

“The final, and only, act of healing is to accept that there’s nothing wrong with you.’”

What I liked:

The friendship is powerful. I liked the idea of the road trip and some scenes with Danny where really cute and fluffy I like how the author represented the disorders of both Zoe and Zoe's brother Noah. I really liked the way it was written and how beautiful the author could describe not only the feelings but the whole story.

What I didn't like:

The start of the story is a bit boring, then the story gets good, then the ending is super rushed.

Danny: He appears and kisses Hannah in like the first page of the book. He returns to date his girlfriend and then rescues Hannah. They have sex and they have been in love forever when in reality they just met each other. It looks like the author had forgotten about Danny and then simply tried to mix him up somewhere in the story. However, I did like his character and how sweet and cute he was.

“Right. But perception becomes truth if you can get people to see it your way. Truth is a much more fluid concept than you choose to believe it is.”

Overall the story is really good. There are somethings that bothered me but I do think that the story has something that captivates many people and something that deeply captivated me.


--3 stars--