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The Secrets We Keep by Trisha Leaver


The Secrets We Keep had a good plot and it could have been way better. Overall, it was an okay read.

The story is about a pair of twins (Ella and Maddy Lawton). Ella is the quiet, shy girl that nobody knows. On the other hand, Maddy is the popular and beautiful girls that attracts everyone's attention. Maddy calls Ella one night and tells her crying to pick her up. After Ella picks her sister up and they fight about how Ella wished that she could be like Maddy they crash. Maddy dies, but for some reason everyone thinks that Ella is the one that dies.

Since everyone believes the one that survived is Maddy, Ella decides to take her place in society. Ella believes that everyone prefared that Maddy survived, since she was the popular one. Her lies become complicated when Maddy's boyfriend and the clique that Maddy formed appears to have a secret revolving one of the star players of the school. Ella decides to discover what really happened and what her sister had to do with it.

Ella's best friend is also a problem because no matter how much she tries to be Maddy, he is always there clearly knowing that something is not right.

“Because right now, or at least until you change your mind about this game you’re playing, it’s the only thing I have left of you.”

The beginning is really interesting. It captivated me and I wanted to keep reading it. The story was very well written and the mystery of Maddy was what kept me reading the book. However, it started getting really fake when it was getting near the end. When Ella finally admits who she is, her parents are not mad and the society is okay with it. (what?)

She spent like months faking that she was her sister and when she admits who really died everyone seems to be okay with it. The story is resolved too fast and in a very forced way. I liked the beginnning, but I give th


--3 stars--