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Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone


This book was my first story about time travelling. I always wanted to read about about it because I find it very interesting and this book was so good that I fell in love with the topic. Time Between Us is a beautiful love story about Anna and Bennet. The two are from different time period and shouldn't have met, but they do and not only they meet but they fall deeply in love.

"I'm completely in love with you. What if I didn't leave, after all?"

At the beginning I was scared that I was going to be reading a very cliche story about impossible love, but that was not the case. Not only, the story was so much more about love but the ending was also really beautiful for me. It is one of the few stories in where the girl (Anna) is the one that has to do someting to save the relationship not the other way around.

The theme of travelling also appears a lot in the story because Anna, always wanted to travel all around the world. Something, that was not accesible for her until Bennet came along and with his powers they could travel together to beautiful places that Anna had only dreamed of going.

"And I just keep going and going, picking up pins and stabbing them into the paper until the map is covered with places I’ll never see and the clear plastic box is as empty as I am."

There are parts of the story that are beautiful and magic and then there's other parts of the story where the love turns ugly and tragic. I really loved this story, the characters and all the plot has to offer. It is a brilliant story about love, heartbreak, travelling, and finding yourself.


---5 stars---