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When Reason Breaks by Cindy L. Rodriguez


This emotional story is about two girls who are trying to overcome the difficulties in their lives. Elizabeth Davis and Emily Delgado become enlighten by Emily Dickinson and as their depression gets heavier one even atempts suicide. The story is beautiful and rich in metaphors and the style of writing is really poetic. However, the story itself was not deeply touching for me when it should have been.

I found that the way the author meshed Emily Dickinson's life with the life of these two girls was really interesting. The characters for me were sometimes really shallow. I knew who everyone was and how they should and would act since the beginning. There was not a whole lot of depth to the characters even the two girls suffering from depression were not exposed as having too much depth.


This story should have made me cry and scream and when I closed the book I should have felt many emotions. I didn't. The ending <spoiler> was too happy, everyone is okay the girl that tried to commit suicide will get better. The society learns and everyone will continue living their perfect lives. I thought that the book didn't do a very good job in describing depression and I don't think it is fair how uncomplicated the problems seemed to be. The girl tries to commit suicide because she starts to feel bad about herself and then she goes of and gets better in the hospital.

The characterization of the main characters also could have been much more evolved. I found myself getting confused with who was who in the beginning. As the book progressed I found myself thinking that Elizabeth, who was supposed to be angry at the world and depressed, was not really that angry. Emily, however, I thought was much more described and I could understand her character better.

However, I must say the story is really beautiful. I do think it deserved a little bit more depth so the story could have been more thrilling and captivating. I liked it though but I didn't love it or would read it again. It is simply another story I read that is good and will probably forget.

---3 stars---