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Past Perfect by Leila Sales


With all honesty there are things I liked about the book and things I really didn't like about the book. The colonial village thing is really interesting. This is the first story that I have ever read that talks about history reenactors. I went once to a village like this in Williamsburg, and it wasn't as cool as the book makes it to be.

Past Perfect is about a teenage girl that just broke up with her boyfriend Ezra and wants to get over him. Her family has a business of reenacting history in Essex and she finds herself being Elizabeth Connelly again but this time she has her best friend Fiona and wait Ezra is also working on Essex for the summer.

There is also the war between this colonial village and the neighboring colonial village of Civil War times. During one of the meetings of "war" Chelsea gets kidnapped by a really cute Civil War reenact called Dan. There relationship is prohibited but they still go out and kiss. Ezra starts dating a blondie called Maggie. Dan and Chelsea get spotted kissing and she gets shunned by the whole village including her best friend.

"What really happened doesn't matter. What matters is how we agree to remember it."

She later gets loved again when she tells Ezra that Dan told her that the awards that Civil War Reenactment Land had were fake. Essex wins the war and she is okay with everyone except for the person that really cared about her; Dan.

The story is not bad, its somewhat cliche. Overall I could have not read it and felt fine about not reading it. I thought that the main character was sometimes very selfish and stupid. I didn't like Ezra at all, I thought he was an asshole. I hated the fact that she used Dan and later screwed him up so badly because he actually was the good one. Thankfully, she says sorry and realizes what a mess she created because of a really stupid war.


-- 2 stars --