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Time After Time by Tamara Ireland Stone


I totally did not want this series to end. Nope. I want more. Please give me more.. Time After Time culminates the series of Time Between Us and finishes the story of Anna and Bennet.

With Bennet's sister in town, he has to stop coming to visit Anna but he can't do that. They decide to plan days when Bennet has to come to visit (Prom, races, birthdays). Bennet starts to lose events from his own time to be a part of Anna's world. To top it all, he starts feeling that he can actually change the bad events that occur in people's lives. He wants to become a hero.

The problem arises when it is evident that his powers are not meant to change the world because he starts bleeding often and getting weaker. At the same time, the relationship that exists between Anna and Bennet is failing when he stops coming to the days they had planned and has no way of telling Anna that he will not be there.

Time is not on their side but they keep trying. Until one day Anna's father gets a heart attack and Bennet feels the need to go into Anna's future and observe if he is going to be okay. Unfortunately, that is not the only thing he sees because he also sees Anna happy with another guy. Bennet realizes that their love cannot happen and that she deserves to be happy and not wait around for him. The problem is that they love each other too much and cannot find a way to be complete without eachother.

"It's always harder to be the one who's left behind than the one who leaves."

This story is beautiful because even though it has a lot of fantasy, the relationship is very real. There are expectactions that one side is not able to accomplish. There are fights and breakups, there are let downs but overall they love each other so much that they are able to build their relationship even though the people around them and time is not on their side.


Bennet is a hero to Anna and a hero to me. Anna, even though she is a simple girl, is one of the strongests characters I have read about. Sometimes strength is not about killing or being a heroine but simply about being able to overcome love in such horrible circumstances. The ending is beautiful because it shows how a love story can actually happen and that it does not have to be cliche in order for that to happen.

"And suddenly, she stops moving and looks straight at me. "I'm in love with everything about you". Her words make me suck in my breath, and when I look into her eyes, I see something I haven't noticed in a while—this look of pure understanding that reminds me why I told her my secret in the first place. That sense of wonder, how she looked at me like she couldn't know me well enough."

---5 stars---