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Find Me by Romily Bernard


Find Me is the thrilling story of hacker Wicket Tate and her search of a pshycopath who is after her sister Lily. After the suicide of one of her classmates, Wick receives the diary of this girl with the words "Find Me" written inside. Wicket goes on a dangerous search to find who did this to Tessa and learns that the predator who raped Tessa and made her want to jump is also after her sister Lily.

Her junkie father also makes a reappearence after being hidden for many months. The police are after him. Wicket not only has her father trailing behind her so that she finishes one of his latest hacking jobs, her new possible adopotive parents, Griff a guy who she has started to like and apparentley is a hacker too and now the sick man who is after her sister.

Wicket goes to find the man herself and discovers that the man is someone whom she had trusted with Lily and herself; Todd, her new, possible adoptive dad. With her father in jail and with Griff's help, Wicket saves herself and Lily from Todd.

“And I really mean it. Because I’m always okay, even when I’m not."

The plot of the story is sometimes dull it doesn't have the thrill of this type of stories. It is not bad, the idea behind it is really good and there are some really good scenes that are really spooky and they make you tense and want to keep reading. I just think I read this book expecting to be really thrilled like when I read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. The mystery of Find Me is a bit predictive, although I would have made Todd the enemy too.

The love part of the story is also a bit out of the blue. Griff and Wicket have known each other for a long time and suddenly they like each other and are also thrown into the same job. It lacks some depth that I like seeing in the characters relationships. Nevertheless, I really liked Griff's character. He was the hero and he liked her for who she was. I liked the love story but in some parts it seems to forced. It is like authors nowadays believe they have to force some love story into their plot so that it counts as young adult. Love is sometimes tricky to get and I don't think this book completely got it.

“Three years, Wicked. I waited three years, and you were worth every damn second.”

Wicket is a very hard character to like. She is too sarcastic and bit too stuborn. It was really stupid that she didn't ask for help since the beginning and that she didn't listen to Griff when he told her to tell the police and get out of her father's jobs. I know she didn't trust the police but at times it was to hard to believe that a young teenager would go on a search to find a really sick man who could have easily killed her. She also rants to much, I did like the way the narrator wrote almost every thought that Wicket was having but at times it could be a little annoying.

To summarize, the story is good it could have been better. The conclusion makes it seems there is a next novel and I have no idea what it would be about but I will read it and hope that the development I desired for the characters and the plot will be more visbile this time.


--2.5 stars--