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Perfect for You by Kate Perry


Perfect for You is the typical cliche love story, in where the problems are all solved and way too predictable. I downloaded this book because it was Free on Itunes and since I had nothing new to read I decided to give it a try and finish it.

The story is about Freya, who got hired to redesign a porn site or something like that. The problem is that she doesn't feel sexy enough to do it because she lost her muse. She has a really hot neighboor who she feels atracted too but because he is a lawyer and a layer betrayed his father, then she hates Greg, the neighboor.

“I want you to be the last thing I see when I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. I want to sit with you in the sun, on the floor, and anywhere else, just to be close to you. I want it all.”

With the help of Freya's deceiving sister Anna, Greg starts trying to win Freya's heart. The thing is that Freya's going on dates with many other guys trying to find her muse, but she actually gets inspired when she's with Greg. So, they come to an agreement where its supposed to be only sex and fun until her project is done. This doesn't happen, they both fall in love and then after a huge fight, Greg proposes (they've been dating like a week) and they get married. Throughout the messed up relationship Freya is still seeing and kissing Connor and basically playing with the guy she really likes which is something I do not respect.

The story was a bit childish for me and there was really no plot. I kind of expected it, though. I must admit that Greg's character is the only character I really like. He is super sexy and sweet. I am kind of tired of the -I was a playboy and now I am not because I fell in love with a girl- stories and this is one of them. The story is fluffy and all types of cute but it is also steamy in some parts. I liked Greg and that's about the only thing I enjoyed.

--2 stars--