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Remember Me by Romily Bernard


"The past isn’t dead. The future is. Everything we’ve done creates everything we will do."

In the sequel to Find Me, Wicket is still the same stuborn and stupid girl. The adult detective, Carson, still follows her around because she has all the answers (yeah right).

Griff, the only thing I actually liked about the story, is still trying to help her get through her hacking. He sees in her what nobody else sees; a better future and a better life. Of couse, Wick ruins it when she meets Milo who is another teenage hacker that apparentley understands her. This means that Wick likes him more and Griff finally leaves her. She ruined the only good thing she had going in her life.

The murder case is a bit confusing. I also got very confused on who the characters were and if they were good or bad. It is the type of confusing that is annoying and leaves you wanting to close the book and not read anymore. The ending was good, it appears that more thrilling things are going to happen to Wick because the officer is named Hart who is related to her mother's death, and I had forgotten all about him.

The book brings characters up, then lets you forget them, and then brings them back again so you really get confused in to what role they have in the story. I also don't like that the story is so unrealistic. An adult detective is not going to be behind a girl for information because he could do so much better. So many teenage kids, would not be involved in so many scandals of that kind.

I also don't relate to the main character. She is stuborn and rants too much. I found myself ignoring much of what she was saying and trying to simply paint the pictures in my mind. This I couldn't do without reading, hence my confusion. I just think she is also too bad. I mean, she is kind of evil and I don't like that at all.

"We’re surrounded by darkness. Sometimes it’s everyday evil”

Some parts were interesting, but maybe if the main character wasn't so annoying I could enjoy the plot better. I liked the mistery of Wick's mother, I thought that was more exciting that the bigger plot going on with the mayor and his sons.

--2.5 stars--