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Asylum by Patrick McGrath


I really think this is an adult book so it is not my typical choice of book. I actually do not know why I had it in my to read list, but oh well. I started liking it a lot, I thought it was kind of freaky. However, I stopped liking it when the narrator only talked about the reactions and not what really happened.

Asylum is the story of Stella, a women who falls in love with a physcopath called Edgar. Stella leaves everything (husband, nice house, and child) to run with this guy she feels very erotic with. It is obvious that both Edgar and Stella are deeply sick and that their relationship is not going to end well. Edgar escapes the ward he's lives in the hospital and goes to London. Stella visits him often and later decides to go with him.

Edgar, starts getting violent with her because he thinks she is having an affair with his friend Nick. She decides to leave him, she has sex with Nick. When she comes back to Edgar the police are there and she returns to her house with her husband, whose life has been destroyed completly.

I didn't only think Stella was selfish, but she was also a whore. She has sex with Edgar, with her husband even though she's having an affair, then she has sex with Nick when they leave Edgar, and then she has sex with her neighboor because she hasn't seen Edgar in a long time. Near the end of the book she is also about to marry the narrator of the story, who was always a friend to Stella. Stella is admitted to the hospital when she watches her son drown and does nothing to save him. She does not have grief over what she did, but actually misses Edgar. At the end of the story, not seeing Edgar makes her kill herself. The ending of the story is a bit weird and it left me with the feeling that the narrator was also kind of sick.

I really liked the plot of the story but there was a point where it got way too descriptive and not a lot of things were happening. In the beginning I was enyoing every little sentence, and then it simply started to get boring. The ending I also found to be really interesting, although I found it a little dull. I wish the story could have been better, because I was expecting a thrilling story and found myself with a really disturbed love circle.

--2 stars--