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Alienated by Melissa Landers


I am not a big fan of science fiction but the two YA books I've read about aliens (The 5th Wave and this one) have been incredible. Alienated is an almost 5 star read, I found myself really enjoying both the writing and the story itself.

It is important to notice that if what you're looking for a true scientific novel, this is not the story for you. Although the main theme of the story is an alien invasion, the story is also related to love and family which make the denser part of the story.

Alienated narrates the story of Cara and Aelyx. Cara is a human while Aelyx is an alien. The plot of the story revolves around the fact that these aliens made contact with Earth and they formed an exchange student program so that the two planets could form something of an alliance. Some aliens were chosen to come to Earth and join human families, as well as some humans were chosen to exchange places with the L'eihrs.

The problem is that the student aliens that were chosen were planning to sabotage the experiment their elders wanted them to do, because they didn't want to join with humans who were much less advanced than they were. This comes to be a problem when Aelyx falls in love with the very human Cara and Eron, another alien chosen, wanted to remain with the humans that he know loved as family

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I really like the way the story was written. In some parts though, the story was a bit too much. It was sometimes too romantic and it made the impression of a false relationship. Sometimes the story was a bit rushed, but many times the story remained in a steady and really good pace. There are many parts with Aelyx and Cara that made me swoon and wish for an alien like him. Some parts of the story are really funny and the ending made me want more from this book. Thankfully I have book 2 (Invaded) all ready to go..

--4.5 stars--