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Invaded by Melissa Landers


In all honesty I expected much more from this book and I liked the first book much better. I think that the first book relied heavily on the love story between Aelyx and Cara and the second one lacked a little of that relationship.

The second novel of the Alienated series is really interesting and filled with more action than love. In this book, Aelyx and Cara have switched places. Aelyx has to return to Earth and fix the alliance that he ruined when he contaminated Earth's waters and Cara has to go to L'eihr and become a citizen. The repetition of bullying and high school drama is repeated in this book, which was something I didn't enjoy because I had had enough hate in the first book.

Cara does not agree with The Way, the governing leaders of the planet she now inhabits, and is usually found to miss home and instead of wanting to raise her possible family in the new colony she finds herself wanting to go home. Back at home, Aelyx is left with his best friend and their new body guard David. David falls in love with Aelyx's best friends and they agree to form a life together in the colony. Then the story makes a terrible plot twits and makes David responsible for the death threats to the aliens and was putting his best friends life at risks and is about to kill him Aelyx when he decides not to and then he dies because the other human kills him. I didn't like this plot twist because I was actually liking David and I was actually liking the relationship and the bromance that existed and they had to go and kill him of and make him somewhat an enemy.

“It's like our whole culture is based on frivolity, and I never noticed before."

Then there's also the evil "siblings" who have mind control, but for some reason the inexperienced human Cara can block them of. Jaxen is alway behind her and he wants to take over both Earth, the colony and L'eighr. He almost succeeds. The worst part is that you are left with many questions at the end of the book because they don't die or anything they simply are found guilty and the government is aware of what they are up to but nothing is done to stop them.

I was not totally in with the novel, there were some parts I really liked and found myself really sad or happy, however I did expect much more. The first one almost reached a five and this one only reached up to a 3 because a 4 would be too much for what I expected of this book. I still loved the characters, however I think Aelyx turned too human and one thing I liked about him was that he was an alien and very different but in this book he's more human than Cara, who succeeds at everything and is even appointed in the end as a part of The Way. There are many unclear things at the end of the book and it left me with many doubts of what will happen between Cara and Aelyx, I don't think everything was resolved and I don't think another book is coming out so that saddened me a little bit.

---3 stars---