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All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Writing this book review is a bit hard for me because I had a lot of mixed feelings as I read this story. In the beginning I didn't like it at all, I thought it was too slow. I thought Finch was too weird. Violet was too mean and that the whole society they lived in was simply annoying and broken (Finch's mother, for example and his father also). As Violet and Finch's story escalated I found myself falling in love with them and how they were with each other. It's like I didn't like them single but as soon as they got together they became better people and I loved them and continued loving the story.

The plot is about two troubled teens; Violet faces the recent death of her sister, whom she blames herself for. Finch, is a suicidal and bipolar kid whose family is distanced and they are not present in his life. He is constantly bullied and usually thinks about death and how he will someday commit suicide. They meet at the ledge of their both, as both of them contemplate suicide. They are grouped for a group project in where they are suposed to travel Indiana and "Wander". They fall in love, have sex, but their relationship can't keep Finch out of his problems and he in the end <spoiler> kills himself.

The story is very poetic and Finch has a whole magical side to him that I ended up falling in love with no matter how weird it was. I have to admit the first third of the book didn't do it for me and I thought about not reading it but I kept going hoping it would get better and it totally did. Violet was a bit slow sometimes for me, it's like when Finch was going through his dissapearing state she was trying to get over him and that is something that bothered me greatly. I was not expecting for him to kill himself and when it happened it left me in total shock. I actually was expecting them to save each other and I was just angry about the fact that he killed himself. That is one thing I didn't like, it was too tragic and although it was beautifully written I just hated the fact that he just died....

I loved the post-its thing, I know this is so unrelevant but I just love how they wrote quotes and snipets of words and thoughts and shared them with each other. I loved their literary relationship and how absorbed they were with each other. I hated Finch's family, they simply were so stupid and they did nothing to save him and that is something that frustrated me so much.

“Love is truly the great manifesto; the urge to be, to count for something, and, if death must come, to die valiantly, with acclamation—in short, to remain a memory.”

I know suicide is a huge problem and people should seek out for help. Everyone is loved by someone and their will always be people who are left behind to suffer. This book was great and tragic and bad. I don't how a book can be both horrible and amazing but this book did it.

-- 4 stars--