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Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Sweethearts is not a bad book, it does not have a bad story but for some reason I just didn't found myself liking it. I thought the story was a bit dramatic, the main character specially. I thought there was a lot of background noise and not too much emphasis on the true problems. I think Cameron appeared way too little and the ending was too inconclusive for my liking. There are some really good parts within the story and I must say the writing is beautifully crafted, but the book simply was not for me.

I think Jenna suffered from too much bullying in her younger years and now that she is all grown up she can't seem to finish growing up. I just didn't like her character. I also didn't like the fact that her stepdad acted more like a family than her own mother. I didn't like that Cameron appeared only to leave again and leave everything as it was. I think the story never answered the questions I had and it went on as a ramble. I did like the last chapter, I found the way the author described unfinished business and the people you meet in your life to be really captivating. However, overall the story was too over the place.

--2 stars--