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The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The False Prince is a beautiful and well written story about friendship, royalty and adventure. It follows the life of Sage, an orphaned young boy whose life alters in a second. He is chosen by Conner, one of the reagents of the kingdom of Carthya. Conner's plan is to make one of the orphans he bought a false prince so that the kingdom does not go to war. Telling the children whom have never lived in a real home that they could get a chance to be a King. The royal family is dead and the only heir was a prince who was rumored to be killed by pirates, thus the reagan plans to say the orphan that is chosen is that prince.

The three orphans Tobias, Sage, and Roden are situated in many lessons about Carthyan history, etiquette, reading and writing, and many more characteristics that the prince should have. Sage, the main character and narrator, is the most troubled boy and the one who does not believe the plan will work. Nevertheless, he is the one that appears to be more similar to how the Prince Jaron was when he was "killed". The servants of Conner, Mott and Cregan had to punish him often for not behaving as he was told. However, Sage and Mott build a undeniable friendship. The three boys compete for becoming the elected prince. As the day of the selection nears, the rumor that the royal family is dead starts reaching more nobles and more people. Many regents want to become king and a meeting for the new king is held. Conner hurries his plans and wants to choose Sage, however Sage tells him that he won't lie. There's an incredible plot twist in which the reader learns that Sage is actually the real prince and that he was hidden as an orphan because of the threats to the throne and the uproar of war. When they reach the meeting, Sage tells the truth and since Conner admitted to creating the attack of the pirates he is sent to jail.

“ Patience is the mark of a ruler.”

I really liked the story. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because I didn't fall in love. It was a very interesting read. I love book about royalty and this one had everything. Mystery, adventure, royalty, and a small touch of romantic friendship (I hope the romance elevates in the next book). I can't wait to read the next one, this book also set me in the mood to read Game of Thrones and other books of this kind. It reminded me a lot of the Selection, without the romance. I loved the characters and each and one of them added something specific to the book. I also loved Sage/Prince Jaron I thought his troubled soul and his adventures were splendid.

--4 stars--