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After Hours by Claire Kennedy

I read the synopsis of this story and I though it was going to be a really good buy. I love dares and I thought it would be a fast and enyoyable read. It is not a bad story, however I did not feel myself loving it either.

The story is about teenagers that work in a very fancy restaurant. However, after hours the restaurant is not so classy and along with their 30year old boss they play a game called Tips. Tips is basically a "dare" game in which the workers are chosen at random and if they decide to do it they win a large amount of money. The story revolves around some of the main characters, each with different problems and different juicy gossip.

Finn: He is the basic playboy and football player that is not really intelligent but really hot. He has enough money and does not need the game. He has a really disturbing side job in where old and married women contact him to have sex. Finn starts liking the new girl called Isa, but she finds out about him. He is really the only character I liked. Although he is the playboy, I felt like he is the only one that is really genuine and is truthful about his ugly job.

Isa: Isa is basically the new girl. She hates Finn, then likes him, then hates him when she finds out what he is doing. She starts blackmailing him because she needs money. I liked her at the beginning and then realized how sick of a human being she is.

Peter: Peter is the way too nice guy who is head over heels in love with his new step sister Xavi. I didn't like him because I thought he was a wuss. He was too nice and people took advantage of that. I viewed him as weak and dull.

Xavi: Xavi is kind of a whore. She really wants to become a waitress and sends nude pictures to her boss for it. She starts liking Peter after they have sex and because of a dare. I think she was a manipulator and a bitch.

I didn't like the characters and I think that is one of the reasons I didn't fully enjoy the story. Rico, the boss, is a sick pervert and I also thought the plot was a little unrealistic. I enyoyed the concept of Tips and liked those chapters but overall did not enjoy the story.

-- 2 stars--