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The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

“She had been both good and wicked and everything in between. She had been both at once, too, until it was hard for her to even tell the difference anymore.”

The Wicked Will Rise is the second book of the Dorothy Must Die series. After being saved by the monkeys and the Wizard, Amy finds herself in a new mission. In this mission she is more alone than ever and is touched by black magic millions of times. Nox and the order are lost and all her hope is vanishing. However, she still tries to find a way to find Dorothy and kill her.

The book for me was a disappointment for me, I really expected more. The first one is an almost 5 and this one is a barely 3. The plot changes a bit, but I felt like I was reading a completely different story. Some parts are not believable like the first one is. I know that fantasy is involved, but this book is over fantastical and I didn't like that. I think that the author changed the characters personalities and that is something I detest in books. Amy is more wicked but in a really freaky way, one that I did not enjoy, and Nox is way too sweet. I kind of enjoyed how hard and serious he was in the first one and in this one he is like bleh. For some reason, I didn't like Peter nor the whole episode in Polly-Rainbow world.

I did however, fell in love with the ending and it left me waiting for so much more. I hope this series is just going through a second-book syndrome and the third one will be much better, because even though this book was not as good as the first one it still was interesting. I am intrigued to know what happens next and I hope the author maintains it real this time, and doesn't change the whole story and the characters like I felt happened in this one. I felt like I had lost the sense the book had for me and it started to get disturbing for me in many parts.

--3 stars--