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The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen

“Everyone gets scared at times. It’s only the fools who won’t admit it.”

The Runaway King is the continuation of Prince Jaron's adventures. He is the crowned King, but many of his regeants do not trust him and want to take his job. War is coming to Carthya and Jaron sets out on an impossible to journey to befriend the pirates and destroy them. Not everything turns out the way he wants, and people die in his trials.

I don't know why it took me so long to read this book, it is a brilliant story. I keep falling more in love with Jaron and the other characters as I keep reading the books. I am deeply facsinated by the way the story is narrated and how interesting the author writes.

Imogen and Jaron's friendship seems a little more in this book and I adored them. However, Imogen is killed at the end trying to save Jaron's life. This however, I am not able to accept. She cannot be dead and I don't care if some resusitation or magic has to happen, but Imogen has to appear in the next book or I will die. They were finally getting somewhere and it was obvious that they loved each other and Bam! She's dead, without even a kiss.

“Wherever our lives lead us, one thing is certain. You and I will always be connected. You might be able to deny that, but I can’t. Even I am not that good a liar.”

I think one of the best assets of the story is all the great characters it has. Not only the plot is amazing, but the incorporation of so many distinct people makes the story thrilling to read. The story is suspensulf and Jaron's words ar insightful. I simply am falling in love with this series and I 100% recommend it.

--4 stars-- (only because Imogen is dead and I am not ready to deal with that)