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The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sadly all series have come to an end. This last novel of the Ascendance Trilogy left me with everything I wanted from this book. There was adventure, mystery, romance, all mixed up with the wonderful writing that the author has. In the Shadow Throne, Carthya is at war with the neighboring kingdoms. Avenia, the strongest competitor is winning and many Carthyans are dying under Jaron's rule.

The Avenians have captured Jaron and spread the rumor of his murder. However, Jaron is able to escape and plans a way to end the Avenians by staging a war where everything started; Farthenwood. Oh the best part is that Imogen is alive! Jaron and Imogen FINALLY kiss and admit their feelings for each other. I was waiting for that ending and I got it. I am so happy with how the story was developed and how it ended. It is sad that I won't read about Jaron's adventures anymore but the ride was thrilling and exciting.

The last book of this novel is perfect. I read it in one sit down and it made me cry and swoon and fall in love with all the characters. I also loved reading about Jaron's plots and his plans, they were fun to read and even funnier to imagine.

“There would never come a day when I didn’t love Imogen, didn’t ache to have her back again.”

I completely fell in love with all the characters, specially with Jaron. He know holds a special place in my heart, along with many other inspirational characters this book has. The beauty of this book is that it is not only about a kingdom, or a romance, or a friendship. This book has the ability to be about so many beautiful and profound things and yet be easy and fun to read.

“And on the night of my wedding, I held Imogen close in my arms with no thought of ever releasing her. Better still was that Imogen held me too. She was my family, my life, and the center of my world.

All that I knew was at peace.”

--5 stars--