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Sophia's War: A Tale of Revolution by AVI

Sophia's War is not my usual cup of tea. However, I always wanted to read this genre and had this story in my to read for a long time. I also loved Avi's writting in The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, which I read when I was very young. I must say, I was not dissapointed with this book, it is a great story and it has a great plot and an amazing main character.

The story takes place in the Revolutionary War, Sophia living in British occupied New York has a hard time expressing her patriotism. After her brother William is captured and dies in a prison ship, she promises herself to avenge his murder and to help the Revolution somehow. This part was a little ficticious for me, I mean a 15-year old girl cannot do much to save her country, but it still awesome to read.

One British general called John Andre comes to live with the Calderwood's and Sophia starts liking him much more than she should. For this reason, she has conflicted thoughts about the Revolution. I loved her ramblings, when she was getting all worked up about Andre. I usually hate when the main characters ramble, but her thoughts were so poetically written that it was impossible to not feel connected with her story.

John Andre leaves and Sophia starts working at General Clinton's house as a maid, in reality she is acting as a spy for the American Army. During her stay, she discovers that John Andre is working is living in the house too. She discovers a plan, John Andre and General Arnold (American Army) are creating. Following a tough journey both physically and emotionally, Sophia helps her country.

“Yes, it is hard to discover a truth. But it is much harder to be unable to do anything about it. It's as if you know for certain a building will collapse and not one soul―not even those within―will listen to your warning. Hearing truth makes many deaf.”

However, in helping her country she gets John Andre hanged for his crimes. I though this part was really sad. She was really confused and she had to choose what was best for her country not for herself. I really liked the plot of the story and the writing style. However, I didn't fall in love with the book. I found it really interesting and I would have liked to read this book in school when I was younger, like I read True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

--4 stars--