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The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

Alice, Alice, Alice. Truth be told, I read some of the reviews before reading it and thought I was going to adore it. Well, I didn't. It is NOT a bad story, it actually is pretty amazing and real but I simply dd not fully enjoy reading it.

The Truth About Alice is about bullying, lies and popularity. I have read tons of books about this subject and this book is one of the most genuine and speaks the truth about how teenagers act and think. I though it was kind of sad, to read this book. I mean its so true, and that is what makes it so tragic.

People live according to society, they usually do what everyone else does and hides if they don't agree with society. Alice, is an example of how mean society can be and how thoughtless people can be. She is first accused of sleeping with two guys at a party, and then is accused about killing Brandon; the most popular kid in school, then her former best friend spills the rumor that she had an abortion. Lies after lies come out of these teens mouth, not caring about the consequences the words and the accusations may have.

“It’s like when we read The Diary of Anne Frank in seventh grade, and I had the sneaking suspicion that I would have been a Nazi back then because I wouldn’t have had the guts to be anything else. Because I would have been too scared to not go along with the majority. Like, I would have been a passive sort of Nazi, but I still would have been a Nazi.”

This quote really caught my eye, because it is so freaking true. People speak and talk way too much about what they would and could have done, but in reality when the truth comes they probably would have gone with the flow. This book, let me thinking more about society in general and not about the plot itself. Even though, it is a good story the plot just didn't grab my attention.

The characters are selfish and jerks. All of them are bullies and think only about themselves. Elaine is the usual popular girl that has everyone wrapped around their little fingers. If she says people should bully Alice, they all do, they all actually did. Kelsie is Alice's former best friend. She envies her beauty and her ability to have sex and speak to boys. She gets jealous because one of the guys Alice "sleeps" with was Kelsie's first time. Obviously, Alice didn't know this and she also didn't know that Kelsie has an abortion. Josh was Brandon's best friend. He is secretly gay and secretly liked Brandon, due to this he invents the rumor that Alice was sexting Brandon and got him killed. In reality it was Josh's fault, because he got jealous and took Brandon's phone away making them crash.

All those secrets and lies keep accumulating in the story and in the end the secrets are not exposed, not all at least. The book left me with kind of unresolved feelings. I also didn't like the fact that it changed characters, I know that is one of the aspects that makes the story so readable and fast paced, but usually stories with so many perspectives leaves me not falling in love with the characters. There are very few books with multiple main characters that I have liked, and this was not one of them.

I think this story acts as an eye opener and also as a critique of society, it left me thinking about so much. I do recommend it because it seriously does a great job describing the teenage mind and their need to fit in.

-- 3 stars--