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Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora

“So we can be friends, right?” Wait, what? I stare at her, a frown forming at my mouth. Did I..? Did I just get Friend-zoned?”

I believe every girl needs a dose of gooey, sexy and impossible kind of love story. Every girl sometimes needs to believe in prince charming and having your world turned upside down just because of a single kiss or orgasm. This kind of stories exaggerate how love really is like and makes women have a distorted imagine of what perfection in a relationship should be like. This story has that type of love, however I can say I need that world where a perfect man does exist. So, although it is a bit cliche I fell inlove with the story and the sexy man and charming man that will never appear in my love story.

Friend-zoned is the story of Valentina and Nik. They are business neighbors but have never really met. Until one day, Valentina sees Nik in one of his smoking breaks and sees him brooding so she send him candy and a note saying that he should smile more. That leads Nik and Valentina to become "friends-only​." However, this doesn't happen and they end up falling in love with each other and kiss in awkward situations more than one time. The uncliche part of the story is that Nik was a former member of a Russian gang and because of this Tina has problems involving one of the gang members called Ommar. Tina also suffers from the loss of her daughter Mia, who died when she was only 2years old after being run over by a teenager texting driver. They both help each other see the good in the world. All of Tina's girl friends become friends with Nik's friends and they become like family. I didn't enjoy that part that much, because in insta-love stories this ALWAYS happens. I feel that I am reading a One Direction fanfic where all the 5 boys fall in love with 5 best friends. Hate it.

However, the story has awesome moments. Nik is WOW! I had forgotten for a while what was falling in love with the brooding sexy man, but I remember now thanks to him. He is mysterious, sweet and loving. He is my kind of prince.

“You’re it. The one. The start. The finish. You are how my story ends.”

Really? That quote killed me, I mean why can't somebody tell me that? Oh he proposed with candy. It doesn't not get any sweeter than that (pun intended). I also loved Max's story with his daughter Ceecee and the relationship that Ceecee and her uncle Nik had. She was paraplegic due to an accident with Max's former and irresponsible wife. It was sad seeing them suffer and I liked the way they could bond with each other. The story is also really funny, Tina is a bit obnoxious in the good kind of way and a complete goofball. I think the story is so good because it is told from the perspective of two really great people. I recommend this story 101%.

--4 stars--