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The House by Christina Lauren

The House is a chilling and freaky romantic story that kept me on my toes from start to finish. There is never a dull moment, I read it in two sit-downs and the whole plot had me excited since I even began reading it. The story is about Gavin, a weird-kind of dangerous boy who lives in an eery house, and Delilah, a girl who loves the gory and the thriller. Delilah comes back to town after being sent of to boarding school to find herself falling in love with Gavin, all over again.

Gavin likes her back, however his House does not. What? Yup. His "House" is alive. Everything inside it moves. He doesn't have parents, or rather has no idea where they are. However, he is always taken care of. Food magically appears, the room cools or gets hot depending on its temper. The piano plays by itself and the garden is green even in winter. The house is what Delilah calls a miracle. She changes her mind after falling asleep in his house and being attacked my the walls and crawling spider. The House definitely despises her.

This story is really freaky and interesting. I really loved it. I loved the scary part to it, as I also liked the romantic part of it. They both morphed on each other perfectly. The mystery surrounding the House and the reasons of How it moved and how was it actually alive kept me wanting to read the last chapter of the book since the beginning.

It is definitely a page turner! The only think I didn't like is the fact that Delilah's friend's mom is the one with all the answers. It was a little bit out of the blue for me and it could have been cool that a more interesting explanation was given. The story is brilliant and the chemistry between the main characters is palpable. I found myself swooning and smiling like an idiot in a thousand parts in the story.

--4 stars--