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Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras

Is it possible to fall in love with an author? Because I think I just did. I thought that Kaleidoscope Hearts was going to be this author's only hit and that I wasn't going to like Paper Hearts and them Bam! I adored it.

I don't normally like to read stories about other characters of a book. I usually hate that, because I fall in love with a couple and then I almost don't see them again. I made an exception for this series and I didn't regret it at all.

Paper Hearts is the story about Mia and Jensen. In Kaleidoscope Hearts, we get a small story of what happened to them but in Torn Hearts and Paper Hearts we get the full story. I was mind blowed and fell in love again with Contrera's writing.

Jensen and Mia were THE couple, but then Jensen has to move to NY. They decide to meet other people, however they both know they are meant to be. They know that until Jensen gets a girl pregnant and has to marry her.

“And I say to you, Mia Bennett—my photographer, my eyes, the girl of my dreams, the villain in my nightmares—that everything I owe, I owe to the night you let me look into your eyes and see the possibilities the world had to offer.”

That's where Torn Hearts finishes and in Paper Hearts, Mia has moved to NY and starts working in the same magazine Jensen works in. Jensen, now divorced and with a child, tries to win her back in millions of ways. Mia, cannot forget their past and how he broke her heart in tiny million pieces.

I loved that Jensen was a writer, and at the end where you realize Paper Hearts is the story he wrote about his relationship with Mia is a beautiful realization. Jensen is sweet and an adoring father and boyfriend. I adore when little kids are involved and this story has beautiful Olivia.

I also loved Mia, I found her similar to Elle and yet completely different. I loved that the writing changed because the characters changed, but it still remained so poetical and beautiful.

I loved this series, all the characters, and all the plots. I really found myself living the lives of the characters and not many authors are able to do that. I appreciate that this author made this book because I have found one of my favorite series this year.

“Real love stories never end.”

--5 stars--