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The Cost of All Things by Maggie Lehrman

"There's never a moment where you're finished, that's it, all changes over. Change is forever"

The Cost of All Things is a beautiful coming of age story of five teens trying to go through grief in their own ways. The story is told in altering points of views of four teens. If you read my reviews you should know that I detest stories where there isn't one single point of view. I am going to contradict myself for this one because the alternating point of views made this book extremely interesting and magnificent. It also added to the allure of the book since we knew what everyone was doing and feeling yet we really knew nothing.

The Cost of All Things narrates the story of Win, a recently dead teenager, and the people that surround him. This include his girlfriend Ari, his best friend Markos and one of Ari's friends Kay. The story involves hekamists that create spells for desperate people. Kay took a beauty spell and also took a "hook" spell. The hook spell was meant for her friends Diana and Ari. With the hook they remain on Kay's side and cannot travel or stay far from her for three days. Ari also took a spell to both forget the death of her parents and forget her boyfriend Win. In the beginning you believe the story will only be about Ari trying to hide her secrets, but that's not the case. The story goes into a whole plot twist that left me turning the pages.

The characters were a bit hard to like.

Ari: Ari was the typical girl who had fallen in love and was suffering because of his death. She also was a ballerina and when she took the spell to forget Win she also forgets how to dance. This means that all her dreams are vanished and she doesn't even have great friends to hold on to because by being with Win she stopped hanging out with Diana. I didn't hate her, but I didn't like the fact that she erased Win. The way she acted sometimes didn't allow he to completely like her.

Kay: I can say Kay was my least favorite character until the end. She was a bitch in a stupid kind of way. She was too intense and needy and ugh I just couldn't stand her chapters.

Markos: Him I did like. I thought he was a troubled boy but he had some kind of likeliness some of the other characters didn't have. I like the secondary plot of him and Diana trying to build a relationship.

Win: The whole story starts with his death. His chapters were interesting and tragic. I didn't adore him, but I also didn't hate him.

Diana: There were no chapters written in her point of view but she actually was my favorite character. She was the only one I actually genuinely understood and rooted for. She was real and understanding. She was a great friend and a good girlfriend, she stood for what she believed in. I also liked the fact that through the voices of others I was able to see her maturing and developing. I failed to see that with Kay and Ari.

The story overall was really amazing and interesting. I didn't fall in love with the characters, but I did fall in love with the plot it was a really good read.

---4 stars---