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You Look Different in Real Life by Jennifer Castle

My first thought of this book was that I was not going to life it. The cover was, well I didn't like the cover at all. I must say I judged the book by its cover because the story is extremely interesting and unique.

“Everyone has a story. It's simply a question of finding it.”

The story follows Justine's point of view and tells the story of 5 kids who signed a contract to have their lives filmed each five years. Their lives were filmed at 5 years old, then at 11 and now at 16 the kids have suffered through a huge separation but they are still thrown together to film again. Only this time their is a huge black cloud following controversies of the second movie, and drama that happened after the second movie. Is up to all the teens to be able to stop with the drama and finally learn the reasons from their separation.

I got to say, I was really impressed with the book. I really liked all the characters and how they all were affected by being filmed. How their lives had changed because of the fame and how they each had acted against or towards it. All of their lives turned to be interesting.

I do however say that some of the plot twists were expected, but I didn't mind. I don't think the story is about discovering the secrets but actually seeing this kids growing up and dealing with life.

I liked Nate and Justine's kind of love story. I sometimes thought it was a bit surprising because it was all of a sudden. Like one day he was hating him and saying how he was too perfect and the next they were kissing. The story did leave me wanting more depth to their intertwined relationships. I wanted to know what would happen to Felix, even though I didn't like him that much. I kind of was left a feeling a little bit out of the blue and thought it ended really fast, I could have liked it to go a little farther on. It was still a very good read and I enjoyed when the kids were at New York and at the camp those were the best moments for me.

-- 4 stars--