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The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

The Girl in 6E is an erotic thriller that narrates the story of Deanna Madden. Her job, not considered ethical by many, includes her showing her body parts to the rest of the world through the use of her webcam. Having a killer instinct, she locks herself in Apartment 6E and never comes out, until a girls live is in danger and she feels she needs to save her and at the same time kill someone and do some justice.

The story can be divided into Deanna's live in the apartment and when she finally decides to go out into the population. The narration is easygoing and entertaining. Not everything is told in Deanna's point of view. There are flashbacks to her old self, and third person narratives of the people the story revolves around of. However, I didn't find myself loving the book. I think I simply couldn't relate to her desire for murder and I didn't find her job compelling. So much of the scenes were her webcam job is explained or when she talks about her urges my mind simply ignored them. (This consists of half of the book).

I started paying attention when Jeremy, the UPS driver, enters her apartment and she attacks him. However, I kind of found Jeremy kind of stupid. Somebody is telling you that they have a desire for killing you and you just decide to keep coming to said person because of the mystery. Some parts were utterly disturbing and the book kind of let me sad at knowing that there are really perverted people out there.

--- 3 stars---