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Left Drowning by Jessica Park

“We don't have to know everything. If you believe in fate and some kind of meaning and sense in this fucked-up world, then believe with abandon, love. Enjoy it.”

I must admit this is a beautiful book about heartbreak and life and destiny. I, however, kind of guessed everything that was going to happen in the end by a simple flashback. The fact that I knew the ending made this book less appealing for me as it could have been. However, it still is beautiful, it still is written in a very poetic way, it still touches your heart in more ways than one.

Things I did not like -->

1. Blythe is a girl stuck in depression due to her parents death and the guilt that follows the night of their death. She is stuck in this turmoil of depression until she has an encounter with Chris and his family. Out of a sudden it all changes to good and she is super happy and getting really skinny and pretty. This was a bit fake for me, she never seemed to be stuck in the depression phase for long.

2. The cheesy scenes with Chris family. This is both a thing I hated and a thing I loved. I ADORED the family relationship they all had. However, I sometimes found that it was a bit too much. The scene in the end where she is running the "Boston marathon" and they all grab her hands one by one was wayyy to dramatic even for me. Nevertheless, I did fall in love with all of the secondary characters. I mean seriously? I DARE you not to fall in love with Sabin. He is a special thing.

3. This is more for me than for the book itself. I hated the fact that I knew everything! It just it was kind of predictable. I don't think it is predictable for many people, but I do think I have seen this same type of drama unfold and therefore was aware that it was going to end like most other stories.

Things I really liked -->

1. Even though it was predictable for me, I did enjoy the connection between Chris and Blythe's past. Oh! Another thing I hated was their insta-love. Although I did like them as a couple.

2. <spoiler> The part of the story where Chris goes of with another woman, I did not expect that at all.

3. I loved Chris. He was moody and sweet. Although there was something that didn't make me fall in love with him completely. I think this was mostly due to the fact of Blythe's adoration for him. She liked salivated every time he saw him and it was kind of nasty for me.

4. The sub story between Blythe and James was beautiful.

In all honesty the book is really good and really well written. There are some aspects that I do not like. But I did enjoy the sweet moments and the whole family values the book presents.

--- 3.5 stars---