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Restless Waters by Jessica Park

I am again surprised with this author. I thought that the story was going to give a horrible turn of events and I was about to not read the book, but I am glad I did.

This book continues the story of Blythe and Chris, however there is more attention on Sabin and his slow deterioration. Sabin is a character that left me completely intrigued. While Chris is the hero and the "perfect guy," Sabin was much more real to me. I did like Chris, but at times I thought he was too perfect. Sabin has this dark /outgoing environment that left me more in love with him that with Chris. However, I will forever ship Blythe and Chris not the other way around.

The ending and the last few chapters were simply beautiful to me. There is a lot of crying from the characters in this book and you might get a tear or two falling down due to the intensity of the book. I think in many ways this book captivated much more than the first one. I think I felt the story to be more real in a way. The first one spent to much time on such unimportant events, while this one is shorter and is more to the point. I had an easier time reading this one and it emotionally got me more than the other one.

I must admit something about Chris. I found myself many times in the book wishing that he did something bad. He just went around being perfect and not that I am whining about his perfection, but he was too unrealistic for my taste. I again loved the connection between all the family. At times, I did feel the story was way too dramatic and over the top with all their trauma.

I was expecting a love triangle between the two brothers and Blythe and that she was going to choose one of them. However, that is not exactly what happened and I am glad Park didn't go the traditional way but decided to turn things around in way I didn't even expect. This story touched me in more ways than one. I completely recommend it!

“You are the great love of my life that I get to have.”

---4 stars---