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The Boy with the Hidden Name by Skylar Dorset

Benedict Le Fay, Benedict Le Fay, Benedict Le Fay....

I loved and adored Benedict in this sequel of Otherworld. I was scared at the beginning because the first one had left me with a horrible cliff ending and I wanted the story to get better. It totally did!

First the covers are incredibly cool. I had not noticed that they are the same cover but backwards for both books. That is extremely awesome.

The Boy with the Hidden Name continues the story of Selkie after Ben leaves her in Boston to go find his mother. The group decides they need to go find Ben's mother since she is also involved in the prophecy. This book has more adventure and quests than the first one, yet it is less confusing and more straightforward which makes the book extremely better.

I adored every scene where Ben comes in. I didn't like him much in the first book. I did towards the ending, but I felt he never said much or gave too much to the first half of the book.

“It occurs to me that I am never going to stop falling in love with him either. That he will show up in an endless number of new guises, new facets, new puzzles to solve in his personality, and I will fall in love with every single one of them. And what will stay constant about him will be his quicksilver, fickle nature. The faerie- ness of him. I will always be his, but I am not sure he will ever be entirely mine. I am not sure he is even capable of it”

There are sacrifices and towards the ending I was nearly in tears. <spoiler> I really though Ben was going to die because of the prophecy <spoiler>. However there are some reasons the book isn't a 5 for me.

1. There are some questions left unanswered like the reason for Selkie's need to recollect things she might need and then ends up needing them. I loved that, I found it to be extremely unique for the story however they never give the reason for why she does it. Is it a fairy thing? I am not sure.

2. I do not like how easy sometimes the answers came to Selkie. Like she came up with going outside and asking people their birthdays which is a really stupid plan and not a second later after the other two fairies appear. I did not like this. Maybe she could have not said the thing about the birthdays and they appear. I don't know. I found it to be such a bad coincidence thrown in to keep the story going.

3. I am still debating whether Kelsie or Kelpie being the fourth fairy was cool or really annoying...

Still the book was great, much better than the first one.

--- 4 stars ---